The Elephant Court

The Elephant court

Where trees sway to the gust of wind blown down from the mighty peaks of the Western Ghats, where spices scent the cool air with distinct fragrances, where exotic wildlife thrives in nature’s bosom; there you will find a soul-stirring experience of a sojourn in pristine wilderness, in the tranquil environs of Thekkady.

Presenting the royal best in nature’s nest, the Elephant Court is a five star resort in Thekkady which nestles unparalleled luxury in the lush expanse of over four acres of verdure land. Hidden inside a locale blessed with green orchards, spice plantations and lofty peaks, is a sybaritic tale of leisure written with the opulent crafts of utmost comfort and gracious hospitality. Redefining green getaways is the presence of the Periyar Tiger Reserve in close proximity, which elevates the experience of this nature retreat by offering a fascinating trail of wilderness to explore and cherish.

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Experience a regal holiday in the naturally-endowed location of Thekkady with The Elephant Court, where everything, from the expanse of the property to luxurious rooms to ornate interiors, is exclusively designed with grandeur, that which befits a king.

Step into the palatial lobby and admire the magnificence of traditional Kerala architecture with the highlight of wooden work on teak all around. Appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship on the carved furniture with antique finish and look up to the splendor of imperial chandeliers that adorn the roofs. Take a walk across the green lawns under the lush canopy and pathways dotted with trees. Recline in the comforts of warm aesthetics of the Patio Room, get enchanted by the fairytale romantic experience in the Honeymoon Villa, enjoy the surreal privilege of a private garden to stroll in the Garden Suite and soak in the luxury of a rippling private pool in the Pool Studio. The sophistication, the pampering luxe, rich traditional flavours with contemporary amenities and all of this encompassed in the rustic charm of the hilly locale, renders the Elephant Court the ultimate holiday address of the most-sought after luxury hotel in Thekkady.

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